Primary school education

Primary school education

The Coordination Body’s Office, through its program of activities for encouraging civic associations, made it possible for children from Roma communities to be involved in the compulsory pre-school education and supported the training of teachers from different ethnic communities for the purpose of improving the quality of pre-school education. This was achieved by working with children from different ethnic groups and by promoting an inclusive approach to work. In the spirit of promoting inclusive education,  the Coordination Body’s Office supported the work of the associations from Presevo that are engaged in the education of children with special needs. The Office contributed to the development of music education by helping the work of the elementary music school in Presevo.  

Every September, the Coordination Body’s Office donates school bags and school equipment to first graders from the three municipalities. So far, five generations of first graders have been cheered up by the symbolic gifts.

The Coordination Body’s Office also contributed to the provision of textbooks in the Albanian language for students of elementary schools by participating in the working group, which consisted of representatives from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the Coordination Body, the Albanian National Council, the National Board of Education, the Institute for the Advancement of Education, state and private publishers. The procedure of approving textbooks is provided by the Law on the Foundations of Education, the Law on  School Textbooks and Other Teaching Materials and, since the point at issue is a national minority, by the Law on National Councils of National Minorities. Under a desion of the Minister of Education, a total  of 88 textbooks and workbooks were approved for usage in primary schools. Part of the approved textbooks were translated from Serbian into Albanian,  part of the textbooks are from the Republic of Albania and a specific number of textbooks were written by authors from Bujanovac and Presevo.

As for pre-school children, two textbooks in the Albanian language, which was published by the ”Klett” publishing house from Belgrade, were approved (speech development in the Albanian language and mathematics).

List of approved textbooks in the Albanian language for primary school students

Law on the Foundations of Education:

Law on School Textbooks and Other Teaching Materials:

Law on National Councils of National Minorities

Study on the Possibilities for Improving the Teaching and Learning of Serbian as a Non-Mother Tongue in the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja you can download here.