Municipality of Bujanovac


The municipality of Bujanovac is a territorial unit that was established in 1913, in which its citizens exercise their right to local self-government.  It is located in South Serbia’s Pcinj District and is one of the densely populated areas in the country, covering an area of ​​461km2.

Bujanovac is a multi-ethnic municipality in which people from  the Albanian, Serbian and Roma communities live together.

Bujanovac is a municipality that may be  pleased with its rich cultural tradition, mainly because of  a variety of national folk dances and costumes, which people proudly cherish here.  The hub of entertainment and of the promotion of cultural events is the "Vuk Karadžić cultural center. One of the most significant events is the "Cultural Summer", which is organized in July. The main features of the event include the organization of a concert of folk music in Serbian, Albanian and Roma, two plays in Serbian and Albanian and a play performed by children from the kindergarten.

Bujanovac has a developed network of primary schools. There are ten elementary schools, two secondary schools and one music school in the territory of the municipality. There is also one pre-school institution, along with the local kindergarten, in Bujanovac. 

In October 2011, a department of the Faculty of Economics, which belongs to the University of Novi Sad, was opened. The uniqueness of the department is reflected in the fact that the teaching is conducted in Serbian and partly in Albanian.   In 2013, the third generation of students were enrolled in the department, where a total of 255 students from three ethnic communities study.  

The civil sector in the municipality is developed. There are a number of organizations that work mostly with young people from three ethnic communities and devise the activities for the purpose of improving the mutual understanding. The Youth Office was opened in Bujanovac. It develops programs, so that young people from the three communities could get to know one other better and socialize.

Since it is one of the most underdeveloped municipalities in the Republic of Serbia, the goal of the local self-government is to improve the situation. That is why the Local Economic Development Office was opened in the municipality. It should be noted that the municipality is well-known for the growing and production of tobacco. In 2013,  the “Gumoplastika” company, which has the potential of employing workers, came out of bankruptcy. The economic development in the municipality is based on agriculture and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The municipality’s potentials lie in spa tourism. There is a special hospital for rehabilitation in Bujanovac Spa, where, apart from health care services, tourism-related services are provided, too. There are a large number of natural hot springs, some of which reach the temperatures of up to 40 degrees C. There is a lake on the outskirts of Bujanovac, which is the main place of rest and the promenade during nice days.


Web site of the municipality of Bujanovac:

The Strategic Plan of the Municipality of Bujanovac Download the document (available in Serbian only)

The Presentation on Economic Potentials of the Municipality of Bujanovac, which is entitled „We Shall Succeed by Working Together“