Municipality of Medvedja


The municipality of Medvedja is located in Jablanica District and it belongs to the group of the least developed municipalities in Serbia, covering an area of ​​524 km2.  With the aim of strengthening the economic potential and development of the municipality, the Local Economic Development Office was established. The activities of the office are based on the idea of ​ sustainable development of the municipality. More information on the Local Economic Development Office may be found at:  Local Economic Development Office Medvedja

It should be noted that a significant progress in the field of economic recovery of Medvedja was made over the past three years. Considerable investments in the field include the privatization of the “Lece” mine, which employs nearly 400 people, and the recovery of the “Termovent” plant for the production of pellets, which currently employs 30 employees, with a tendency of employing more people.   

The organisation dealing with the development of tourism in the municipality has been operational since 2007. The main tourist potential of the municipality is Sijarinska Spa. Healthy environment and healthy food are its special features, while mineral resources are its largest potential.  There is the "Geyser"  reheabilitation center in Sijarinska Spa, where healthcare and tourism-related services are provided.    

There are a pre-school institution, six elementary schools, one secondary school, and the departments of Nis University’s Faculties of Law and Economics in the municipality of Medvedja.   There are a total of 569 students in primary schools, while 410 students attend  the secondary school and 75 students from the Albanian and Serbian communities study  at the departments of the two facculties.   

Numerous cultural events take place at the building of the cultural center.  The library and Radio Medvedja are located on the premises of the institution.  

A total of 13 civic associations are registered in the municipality of Medvedja.  Most of these associations encourage with the young to undnertake activities and to change  the environment in which they live. They deal with environmental protection, the development of activities in the field of culture and sports and encourage young people from different ethnic communities to mutually cooperate and socialize.  


Website of the municipality of Medvedja:

The Strategic Plan of the Municipality of Medvedja Download the document (available in Serbian only)

The Presentation on Economic Potentials of the Municipality of Medvedja, which is entitled „Invest in the Southern Pearl“