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27. korrik 2015.

Vranje, Presevo, Bujanovac – The Human Rights Committee Office in Vranje held in Presevo a debate on the "Risks of Migrants from Trafficking in Human Beings on their Way to the European Union, with Emphasis on the Situation in South Serbia".

The aim of the debate was both to mark July 30, which is the world day of the fight against human trafficking, and to raise public awareness and inform the relevant local institutions, NGOs and citizens of the increased risk of human trafficking, violation of fundamental human rights and the risks thousands of refugees, who flee armed conflicts, violence and poverty, are exposed to.  

The debate was attended by the National Coordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, the AT Network, NGO Atina, NGO Group 484, NGO Astra, the Centre for the Protection of Victims of Human Trafficking, the Red Cross, the Commissariat for Refugees and Migrations of the Republic of Serbia and the Committee for Human Rights’ Offices in Bujanovac and Presevo.

On the same day, the campaign for raising emergency relief for women and children migrants in the collective center for the reception of migrants in the “Railway Station” settlement in Presevo was launched.

In this way, all partners and participants celebrated July 30 – the World Day of the Fight against Human Trafficking.

The debate was intended for the local area networks for the prevention and fight against human trafficking, and it includes: NGOs, the police, health care, education, justice, the prosecutor's office, local self-governments, social welfare centers, the media in Presevo, Bujanovac and Vranje, as well as the general public.

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body