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26. August 2019.

The Business Association of the Association of Local and Independent Media Local Press invites young people, activists and youth workers to apply for the participation in a training "YOUTH" that will deal with media and digital literacy. The Local Press wants to improve young people's critical understanding of media contents, as well as seeking information, producing (multi) media contents and running online and offline campaigns. It wants to empower the training participants to work with other young people through peer workshops and thus promote active civic participation among young people. All participants will receive the support of a mentor to further improve in practice the knowledge gained in the training.

The Internet and online media have created a space for expression, citizen journalism, online activism and the promotion of democracy and active citizenship. A democratic society is made up of informed citizens who make informed decisions, and young people are especially important in the process.

The four-day training, which will take place between September 19 and 22, 2019 in Kraljevo, will strengthen the skills of reading, understanding and producing media contents. The training, which is the first of three trainings, is designed as a training for youth educators, so participants will be trained in how to effectively transfer the acquired knowledge to other young people. The trainees will also have the opportunity to immediately apply the acquired knowledge to the training and provide suggestions and guidance for improving communication between youth, youth associations and youth and the media. 

The call is open to 16 young people, activists and youth workers who want to better understand the media, as well as produce media contents, so that they could share their opinions with other young people. After the training, participants are expected to carry out one activity depending on their personal interests: write a blog about the training or about one of the topics covered in the training, conduct a workshop on media literacy in their local environment; undertake a mini online or offline campaign, flesh mob and the like. Participants will have mentoring support for the implementation of these activities.

The training is part of the YOUTH project and is funded by the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia.

As parts of the project, three trainings for youth activists are planned, so that a total of 50 young people will be trained. The project will also announce a call for sub-grants for youth organizations seeking to improve their knowledge of conducting online and offline campaigns through mentoring (program) and financial support. The three trainings are intended as the first, preparatory, phase that will help interested activists and representatives of youth organizations to design campaigns by which they will later apply for support. 

The application form is available at , while the application deadline is September 6, 2019.  You can send your applications to , while for any additional information, you can contact the same email address or dial 034/362 871, on working days from 9am to 5pm.

Selected participants will be notified by September 10. The training agenda will be subsequently sent to the participants.

Participation in the training is free of charge, and all costs during the training, including transportation, accommodation and food costs, are covered by the organizers.

Source: Local Press and Coordination Body