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25. March 2016.

Vranje - The requirements for enrolment in and the manner of getting educated at the Military Secondary School and the Military Academy in Belgrade were presented to primary and secondary school students at the hall of the Military Club in Vranje.  As many as 18 candidates apply for a vacancy at the Military Academy.

Following the broadcasting of the "Military Academy" series, the interest for enrollment in military schools increased, which traditionally never subsides in South Serbia. 

The military profession seems appealing to young people because they know that they will have a secure job after graduation. 

“I recommend opting for the Military Academy to the young people who wish to become honest, honorable and trustworthy, because they will be able to develop both psycho-physical and intellectual abilities there, "said Aleksandar Odobasic, a 3rd year cadet of the Military Academy.

The competition for the military profession and the enrollment of 290 new candidates, which was announced by the Ministry of Defense, will be open until March 31.

 90 cadets will be enrolled in seven study courses.  

“Accommodation at the boarding school is provided to them, as well as free textbooks, food and sports equipment, "said Lieutenant Colonel Uros Domazet, the Head of the Military Academy Cadet Office.

Vranje is the last of the 18 cities where promotions of the military profession were held, which were attended by over 3,000 interested persons.

Source: Radio and Television of Serbia and Coordination Body