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19. November 2010.

The protagonists of “You and I are We” play, which, last year, enchanted the capital city and won over the hearts of the audiences from the south and north, as well as those from the other parts of our country, is going to visit Slovenia by the end of the month.

The play is the result of joint work, understanding and friendship established among young people from Bujanovac and Presevo, who come from all ethnic communities. The actors, who are simultaneously the authors of the play, play the main roles in it, so that the text of the play resulted from combining and dramatic molding of its characters’ views about the world and from the topics that are characteristic for the growing-up period.  The material for the play, based on which the thematic wholes were developed, was collected in an unusual manner or by carrying out a poll among the citizens.
The actors of the play perform in their mother tongues (Albanian, Romany and Serbian), as well as in English, which makes this play unique in relation to the other plays  in Serbia.

The young actors of the play visited Belgrade, Bujanovac, six Vojvodina’s cities, “Vukov sabor” in Trsic, while they’ll now, thanks to the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) begin winning over the region.