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20. November 2020.

The EU Info Corner in Nis is organizing a workshop for the purpose of getting you acquainted with the largest EU research and innovation program - Horizon 2020. The workshop will be held on November 20 at 6 pm on the Zoom platform.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge, but you need to sign up for it on

This program offers direct support to the companies that have the potential for growth and development, funding for innovative ideas that can turn into market success, support for the development of high-risk innovative ideas at an early stage of development and much more.

The special focus of the workshop will be on cascading financing, a mechanism of the European Commission that aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises and startups in the development and implementation of innovative digital solutions - acceleration, incubation and mentoring programs, but also the sub-granting schemes that are available to entrepreneurs in Serbia.

The lecturer will be Nemanja Petrovic, an economist, the advisor for innovations and strategic planning.

This is just one in a series of workshops that will be organized in the coming period, so that all potential and current beneficiaries of the EU program could be brought closer to the opportunities for applying and obtaining financial and/ or advisory support for the development of their businesses.

Small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as larger companies, can apply for funding and business advisory assistance through several European Union programs and projects. Depending on the project, program and area in which the companies are engaged, the funds of the European Union can be in the form of grants, loans, and in some cases guarantees.

Source: EU Info Centre and Coordination Body