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25. April 2016.

Medvedja - Works on the reconstruction of part of the Medvedja – Lebane highway are underway. Description: are currently done on one of the most critical sections of the highway, which stretches from Crni Vrh to Lebane. The said works began a few days ago, while the first layer of asphalt as placed yesterday.

Thus, last year's promise of Nebojsa Arsic, the Mayor of Medvedja, that one of the priorities of the municipality was the reconstruction of the Medvedja - Lebane highway in the current year, was fulfilled.  Works are funded by the "Roads of Serbia", whereas the contractor is "PZP Vranje Trade".

The Mayor of Medvedja visited the works yesterday and pointed out that the reconstruction of the Medvedja-Lebane section of the highway was an important event for Medvedja, since no economic development was possible without a good road.  

Source: Info Centre South and Coordination Body