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22. January 2021.

Bujanovac - Vaccination of the citizens against the corona virus in Bujanovac will continue over the weekend, it was confirmed at the Health Center.

Dr. Aferdita Mustafa, the coordinator for immunization at the Health Center, called on the citizens to sign up for vaccination on the e-Government portal.

“We will vaccinate the citizens on a daily basis. I call on them to sign up because the vaccine is the key to ending the COVID pandemic," Dr. Mustafa said.  

As she pointed out, no side effects had been recorded in the vaccinated persons until then.

That was confirmed by several citizens who were vaccinated yesterday.

“I was told that receiving the vaccine could be followed by pain in the arm, a rash, an allergic reaction or a one-day fever, but I did not have any of that. I did not feel any change, "said one of the vaccinated citizens.

The vaccine was received by 43 people during the first day of the "mass vaccination" in Bujanovac.

The residents of Kosovo and Metohija, including the Albanians, are also being vaccinated against the corona virus at the Health Center in Bujanovac. They arrived in Bujanovac on Thursday in ten buses from Ranilug, Gjilane, Kamenica and the surrounding area.

The Albanians from Gjilane said that they had come to Bujanovac to get vaccinated because there were no vaccines in Kosovo and Metohija, so that they used the opportunity that had been offered to them.

According to Dr. Daliborka Pavlovic, the Director of the Health Center, that healthcare institution had only given up their premises to their colleagues from Kosovo and Metohija by the order of the Ministry of Health.

“The vaccination of the inhabitants of Kosovo and Metohija has been carried out here for three days and is ending today. I do not have any data on how many people have been vaccinated because their immunization coordinators are in charge of that, while we have just given up our premises to them," Dr. Pavlovic said.

According to unofficial information from the Health Center, at least 300 people from Kosovo and Metohija arrived yesterday, while the above photo of the institution shows  how crowded the place was.

Two days ago, Aleksandar Vučić, the President of the Republic of Serbia, said that the state would have to do its best to enable the vaccination of the citizens of Kosovo and Metohija, having in mind the problems with the local authorities, which had prevented the delivery of the vaccine.

“That is why some citizens of Kosovo and Metohija will have to be vaccinated at the points in central Serbia, "he said.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body