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17. October 2011.

According to the results of the Republican Statistics Office of October 15, 2011, 7.4 million people in Serbia were registered in the census. Out of that figure, 1.7 million people in Belgrade and over 1.9 million people in Vojvodina were registered in the census.  

Fewer Serbs in Presevo

In comparison with the 2002 census results, the latest census campaign confirmed that the number of Serbs in the municipality of Presevo decreased by 15% and in the Bujanovac area by over 10%.

According to Dragoljub Filipovic, Head of the Census Commission in Presevo, only 2,484 residents of and 1,348 Serbian families in Presevo were registered during the census.

Nine years ago, there were 2,984 Serbs registered in the census.

In ethnically pure Serbian villages, the number of residents decreased by ten to twenty per cent, which, according to President of the Municipality, leads to the conclusion that the process of migration of the non-Albanian population from this territory has been constant for years.

Boban Pavlovic, President of the Census Commission in Bujanovac, said that 17,012 inhabitants of Bujanovac and 6,025 mostly non-Albanian households were registered in the municipality during the census.   

Boycott in Presevo and Bujanovac

Only four to five per cent of the total presupposed number of Presevo’s citizens was registered in the census.

The situation in the municipality of Bujanovac is similar, where around 10 per cent of citizens were registered in the census.

The first stage of the census was completed on October 15, while the final results will be made public on November 15.

People from the Republican Statistics Office say that it will be made possible for the unregistered in the census to get registered in the second stage of the census.

Jablanica District without 20,000 Inhabitants  

The initial records of the census commissions show that the number of inhabitants in six municipalities of the Jablanica district decreased by 19,780 persons.
There were 240,923 persons on the 2002 census lists, while there were 221,143 persons on the yesterday’s ones. According to the same records, the number of inhabitants of Leskovac decreased from 156,252 to around 148,000, or by over eight thousand inhabitants.

There are 3,718 fewer persons in Vlasotince, 2,668 in Lebane and 627 in Crna Trava. Also, the number of registered in the census in the multi-ethnic Medvedja decreased by around 3,000 persons. However, it is estimated that one half of the Albanians in Medvedja boycotted the census.

A number of citizens, who have residence only in Medvedja, got registered in the census, while the other half of them boycotted the census, by order of the Albanian National Council, said Slobodan Draskovic, President of the Municipality of Medvedja