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27. February 2013.

Bujanovac and Presevo – The situation in the Pcinj district, which is afflicted by floods the most, is normalizing, said the governor of the southern Serbian district Budimir Mihajlovic. However, he also said that there was a fear of more flooding if it rained again.

“If it rains, there will be trouble again. However, if it happens, I think we’ll all be ready to deal with the situation", said Mr. Mihajlovic.

According to him, the most difficult situation was in the village of Levosoje, where about 30 households with around 100 people were threatened. He said that it would be very difficult for the people to return to normal life, because the situation had been "very critical" the day before and the damage hadn’t yet been repaired.

“All emergency services came fast, although you can’t predict everything in emergency situations. The people managed themselves by going to the upper floors of their houses. I would like to commend a special unit from Nis, the members of which came by boats and helped the jeopardized citizens", said Mr. Mihajlovic.

He said that there were problems in the municipalities of Presevo and Targoviste, too, where emergency situation had been declared, adding that Trgoviste would, that day, be visited by a team for emergency situations.   

Source: Beta