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26. March 2021.

Bujanovac - Immunization without prior signing up for it on e-Government started in Bujanovac yesterday. The teams of the Health Center visited the city settlements, while one post was opened at the Department of Occupational Medicine at that institution, and not at the Faculty of Economics’ Department, as it was originally planned.

“The team first went to Jacim Djosica and Gnjilanaki put streets, and we also visited rural areas. We set off at around 9 a.m. with 500 doses of the Astra Zeneca vaccine.  The said vaccine is completely safe, after all, the British Prime Minister and the Queen of England were vaccinated with it. At the same time, citizens could be vaccinated, without making an appointment, at the Health Center, at the Occupational Medicine Department. It is important to animate people, since vaccination is the only way to defeat the pandemic", Dr. Daliborka Pavlovic, the Director of the Health Center, said.

She also said that the institution, together with the presidents of local communities,   tried to make lists of those who wanted to be vaccinated but were not able to sign up.  

“The presidents of the local communities failed to cooperate with us on reporting people, or on bringing us the lists, so that we could do it ourselves. First of all, we want to explain to the citizens that all vaccines are safe, and the goal is to immunize as many citizens as possible," the Director said.

Immunization through e-Government continues at the Faculty of Economics’ Department, and the Pfizer vaccine has arrived at the Health Center.

“240 citizens were vaccinated yesterday. Around 2, 000 people have received both doses since the beginning of immunization, while over 3, 000 have received the first dose, which means that we distributed over 7, 000 doses of vaccines ",  Dr. Pavlovic said.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body