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14. January 2019.

Presevo, Bujanovac, Medvedja -  The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Serbia is launching a new program called Together for Sustainable Business.  The program aims to support the companies that wish to improve their business and contribute to the sustainable development of society by introducing one or more sustainable development goals into their business.

The program should contribute to the following objectives of sustainable development: reducing the negative impacts of climate change; accessible, modern and renewable energy; sustainable forest management; sustainable and innovative industrialization; inclusive and sustainable economic growth and inclusive and sustainable cities and communities.

The Together for Sustainable Business program is aimed at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises from Serbia, which have been operating for at least two years. During the six months of the program, 10 selected companies will be working with the team of experts on the development of new products and services and the integration of environmental and social responsibility into their business. Under the program, the selected companies have the opportunity to get:

  • Over 30 hours of expert support in developing and improving the business model for products and services that contribute to sustainable development;
  • Familiarizing the management and staff with the objectives of the UN sustainable development;
  • Support in measuring and communicating corporate social responsibility, contribution to environmental protection and the development of the circular economy;
  • Promotion of enterprises as partners of the UNDP Serbia in implementing the goals of sustainable development among the relevant business networks and business partners;
  • Linking businesses with business partners and investors who want to support the companies that contribute to environmental protection, circular economy and other goals of sustainable development;
  • The opportunity to promote, connect with other businesses and develop their business in other countries through a global network of UNDP. 

When selecting the company, business sustainability and innovation will be evaluated, as well as the potential for growth and development, positive impact on the environment and society and the organizational capacities of the company. The focus is on the companies that operate in the areas of food industry, agriculture, energy, wood industry, tourism, education, which they either have or want to develop a positive impact on the environment and be pioneers in Serbia's transition to the circular economy.

The companies can apply until January 31.

You can apply on the link:  and then mail the filled-in application form to

More information on the sustainable development goals and on how companies can contribute to their resolution can be viewed on

Answers to all additional questions can be obtained via e-mail  or by dialing 011 216 0956.

Source:  and Coordination Body