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15. August 2014.

A photo of a tired man who had decided to get some sleep and rest in the unusual means of transportation was recently taken on the local Bujanovac – Vranje road.

The tractor driver and his passenger in the trailer, weren’t only a danger on the road, but were also attractive for many travelers, who took photos of the unusual sight.

The PR of Vranje police, Dragan Stamenkovic, confirmed that the story wasn’t naïve, adding that several traffic violations had been made in that particular case.  

“The traffic violations at issue are in the field of road safety. As one can see from the photo, the vehicle isn’t only technically defective, but it is also unregistered. One shouldn’t ignore the violation of inadequate transportation of passengers, either", said Mr. Stamenkovic. 

Mr. Stamenkvic urges motorists to obey traffic regulations, especially on this route, since the tourist season is in progress. Field works are ongoing, too, while works on the construction of the highway are still going on, which requires extra caution.

Source: South News and Coordination Body