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23. October 2018.

Bujanovac – Nebojsa Stefanovic, the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, attended the handover of three fire engines that the firefighters from South Wales, united in the organization "Blazing to Serbia", donated to the Department for Emergency Situations, which would be deployed in the fire-rescue units in Novi Pazar, Bujanovac and Dimitrovgrad, announced the Serbian Ministry of Interior.

Minister Stefanovic pointed out that with those vehicles, along with the naval trucks and the equipment that the Ministry had already purchased, and which it had planned to buy during that and following year, they would try to "to retire" the oldest trucks that had been used by the fire-rescue units for more than 30 years.

"I thank the great people of South Wales, who have been cooperating with our Department for Emergency Situations for a long time. The three fire trucks are just part of the 26 trucks that that organization had donated to us so far, " Minister Stefanovic said after the handover of the trucks at the headquarters of the Department for Emergency Situations in Belgrade.

According to him, this donation was a symbol of years of friendship, and the Ministry of Interior and the firefighters felt sincere gratitude to the organization "Blazing to Serbia", which was trying to help in equipping our units that save lives in Serbia.

"I expect that we will, thanks to this donation, be readier to provide assistance to the citizens where it is most needed. These vehicles, as opposed to the standard ones, which usually have three ladders, have as many as 11 ladders, reaching a height of 14 meters. These vehicles are extremely technically well-equipped and will, in the coming years, serve our firefighters to save lives, "Minister Stefanovic said.

Steve Logan, the founder of the organization "Blazing to Serbia" and the station commander in Kafili, said that during the ten years of cooperation, a strong bond between firefighters of Serbia and Wales had been established and unbreakable friendships made.

Mr. Logan pointed out that that organization had donated 26 fire engines and a great amount of fire equipment since its foundation and added that that cooperation was an example of how ordinary people could achieve extraordinary relationships. Denis Keefe, the British Ambassador to Serbia, said that that donation was a symbol of a long-term cooperation and friendship between Serbia and Wales, particularly in the area of ​​security. 

Aource: “Politika” daily and Coordination Body