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19. August 2019.

Medvedja – The farewell ceremony for thirty-two future male and female students of military schools, military grammar schools and military academies from the Jablanica District area was organized at the Leskovac City Hall.

14 candidates were admitted to the Secondary Vocational Military School, 18 to the Military Grammar School, 11 to the Military Academy, or 18 candidates from the territory of the city of Leskovac, 5 from Vlasotince and Lebane each, 3 from Medvedja and 1 from Bojnik.

The only one from that area who enrolled in the MMA (Military Medical Academy) studies and who is one of 25 such persons in Serbia, Stefan Cvetkovic, said that the calling of a military doctor was not an easy one, like, say, that of an officer and that he was only interested in medicine.

“Our job is to study and work, so that we could reach the highest heights, "said the young guy who had previously graduated from the Military Grammar School.

The attendees  of the event were greeted by the Head of the Nis – based Regional Center of the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Nenad Markovic, who emphasized that the enrollment criteria were very strict, but that the Center of the Ministry of Defense in Leskovac had been the leader in the number of candidates for years, and that it had been the same that time, too.  

“A military uniform is popular again because it reminds us of the glorious days of our past, and we can be proud of our ancestors only if they are not ashamed of us,” Colonel Markovic said.

He expressed the expectation that all candidates would successfully overcome all obstacles and acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills for the work and post they had chosen.

 Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body