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29. April 2014.

The customs officials on the Presevo border crossing prevented an attempt to smuggle poultry vaccines.  

At the entrance to the Republic of Serbia, the “Hyundai Getz” car with Leskovac registration plates was stopped.  When asked by the customs officials if he had anything to declare for customs duty, the driver responded negatively. 

Following a detailed inspection of the vehicle, which was done in cooperation with a police officer, 55 pieces of poultry vaccine “Nobilis Diluent FD 200ml” were found, as well as 55 pieces of vaccine tablets “Nobilis SG 9R”, which are used to prevent the infection caused by Salmonella. The vaccines were found in the part of the car meant for the spare wheel and in the ventilation space in front of the passenger seat. They were hidden along with the liquid for maintaining low temperatures.  

Since the driver didn’t have the import permit and decision, which are issued by the Agency for Medicinal Products and Devices, the goods, the value of which was estimated to be 1,500 euros, were temporarily kept.  However, as the goods exceed one third of the value of the vehicle, the vehicle was temporarily kept, too.  

The goods and the vehicle were handed over to the police until the end of the court proceedings.

Source: Customs Administration and Coordination Body