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26. August 2013.

The mountainous areas of the municipality of Presevo will get paved roads, too, while the village of Gornja Sosaja will have a 4 - kilometer paved road. 

A delegation from Presevo, headed by Mayor Ragmi Mustafa, visited the places where the works are performed. On that occasion, Mr. Mustafa said that the priority of the municipality was to pave the remaining municipal roads leading to the mountainous part of the region.

The total project cost is 28 million dinars, while this road is the longest one in the municipality of Presevo that is being paved with asphalt.

The leader of the local community of the village, Ardian Agusi, said that the construction of the said road would have a positive effect on the villagers, so that they would stay in the village, and that the road would provide better living conditions to them.

“Many residents of Gornja Sosaja moved to Donja Sosaja or to Presevo, primarily due to the difficult economic conditions and the rather poor infrastructure. However, now that better infrastructure conditions have been provided, we hope that the remaining residents won’t leave the area", Mr. Agusi said.   

The development of infrastructure in the hilly areas of the municipality of Presevo will not only make the remaining residents of that part of the municipality of Presevo to stay in the area, but it will also enable the development of mountain tourism.