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21. September 2020.

Presevo - Presevo is one of the few municipalities in Serbia with an increasing birth rate. 

According to the rate of population growth, several Belgrade municipalities are ranked high on the list, but they base their population growth on the influx of population, and not on births, the Evening News daily reported. 

In addition to the Belgrade municipalities, more citizens in 2019 were recorded in Presevo, Novi Sad, Novi Pazar, Tutin and the municipality of Cajetina.

What is worrying is the fact that the list of people in Serbia with birth certificates that are  older than five decades is getting longer.

The analysis of the Republican Statistics Office shows that when we talk about the municipalities with the most pronounced aging, we see that they are most often those from southern and eastern Serbia, or the municipalities located near large regional centers, which facilitate youth migration.

“The reasons for that are decades of low reproductive norms and migration of young people from smaller to larger cities or immigration abroad, which "took" both fertile and work potential with it ", the Republican Statistics Office stated.   

On the other hand, a positive trend that is noticeable is that in 2019, the rate of total fertility or the number of children per woman, for the first time after 15 years, is higher than 1.5, the Republican Statistics Office said.  

Source: OK Radio, Evening News daily and Coordination Body