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26. July 2011.

A few of our show business stars, among whom are Masimo Savic,  Vlatko Stefanovski and Kemal Monteno, are going to perform at the “Stari dani” (Old Days)  traditional summer event, the organizers of the concert said.   

Zoran Najdic, who is Vranje’s alderman in charge of culture, says that a new concept of organization was made because of the previous experience, so that this year’s “Old Days” are going to be a genuine cultural and tourist attraction.   

“We expect that those well-known names of our show business are going to attract to Vranje a great number of visitors from Nis, Leskovac, Vladicin han, Bujanovac, Presevo and other places up to Kumanovo, provided our marketing is better”, Mr. Najdic says.
Zoran Najdic added that over 20,000 people watched the event last year, as well as that this year’s number of visitors was going to be far larger, since the main program was going to be accompanied by several other events.   

“We are going to organize a few different exhibitions, a presentation of the regional products, an ethno-fair, a presentation of specialties of Vranje’s cuisine and the like, so that the event is going to be a real adventure for all those who decide to stay in Vranje in the period from August 22 to 28”, said the competent persons at the municipal building.