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26. October 2018.

Medvedja – The first novel by Milorad Doderovic, a journalist and writer from Nis, who originally comes from the multinational environment of Medvedja, "The Hoxha's Daughter" will be promoted at the Book Fair in Beogradau on October 26. The critics partly compare his novel with Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", the epic folk songs or with the works of Thomas More and Tommaso Campanella.

It is a love story between Ramiza and Boro, who first met as children while tending their herds in the mountain highlands, when they fell in love with each other. However, life first separated them and then brought them back together, when they were ready to overcome the taboos and prohibitions. Ramiza’s plans to leave behind the tradition, to change her religion and her name and to give birth to Bora’s two sons, "to oppose the gods of their nations," fails because the main character dies in a car accident, so that the novel has a tragic end.

Ramiza, the beautiful Hoxha’s daughter, is not an imaginary character, but a real one, while everything else is fiction.

“All of us, boys, were really in love with the beautiful Hoxha’s daughter. We waited to see her at the water fountain and get drunk by her beauty or look at her through the fence while she walked in the garden, "says the author of the novel.

Mr. Doderovic found the framework for the story in his own homeland, in Gornja Jablanica, where such ancient dramas happen to ordinary people, too. They are based on a patriarchal tradition that dictates that moral norms must not be violated at any cost. They are stronger than all the laws prescribed by the state, transient and often shorter than human lives.

“All crucially important stories are about love and death. Everything else is unimportant. The doyen of journalism, Milorad Doderovic, knows that very well and that is why his novelistic debut is  devoted to the topics that are the only ones worth writing about, "it was written in a review given by Velibor Petkovic.

The author of "The Hoxha's Daughter" is a journalistic bard with a successful career.

“The Hoxha’s Daughter” is his first novel.

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body