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19. August 2019.

Medvedja – One hundred farmers from Medvedja signed contracts on the return of the funds invested in bootsing agriculture and rural development in the assembly hall of the municipality of Medvedja.  The first disbursement of funds will be made in the order of submission of the requests in the amount up to 5,000,000 dinars.

The program of measures for the development of agriculture allocated funds from the budget of the municipality of Medvedja in the amount of 15,000,000 dinars, which is 5,000,000 dinars more than last year.

Of that, 13,300,000 dinars were put aside for investments in the physical assets of farms, or the purchase of machinery and irrigation equipment, planting material, the purchase of quality cattle, where the maximum amount of return for this measure is 100,000 dinars and 80,000 dinars for mechanization.

800,000 dinars were set aside for artificial insemination, with a maximum incentive of 25,000 dinars.

700,000 dinars were earmarked for co-financing interest on agricultural loans, where the maximum incentive amount is 25,000 dinars.

The financing of soil fertility control was introduced as a new incentive measure, which will be financed with a total of 200,000 dinars.

Nebojsa Arsic, the Mayor of Medvedja, who handed over the contracts, emphasized that that program tried to define priority areas of activity and territorial specificities and needs, taking into account the proper allocation of funds, which they succeeded doing, which could be seen through the number of submitted requests for incentives. 

“Funds will be disbursed in the order in which the applications were submitted, so that the first payment will be up to 5,000,000 dinars.  We will do our best to ensure that the next payments and signing of contracts take place as soon as possible, so that the remaining farmers do not wait for the money they have invested,” Mayor Arsic said.

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body