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16. October 2020.

Bujanovac - The asphalting of the main street in Bujanovac will start in a week’s time, it was said in the local self-government, from where it was claimed that they did not decide on the continuation of works and were not responsible for the delay.

The Chief of Staff of the Mayor's Office, Sali Salihi, said that the reconstruction of the main road in Bujanovac was financed by the Ministry of Construction, Traffic and Infrastructure, and that the dynamics of works did not depend on the Municipality of Bujanovac.

“The Ministry is the financier, "Roads of Serbia" is the contractor and the "Saba Belca" company is the subcontractor of works, so that the decisions are made by them. The municipality of Bujanovac wrote a letter asking the Ministry to continue the works and that is what we can do", Mr.Salihi said.  

Then, after contacting the "Saba Belca" company, he conveyed the information that the works would continue in a week, without specifying the reason for the new delay.

Reconstruction of the section of the main street from the Post Office to the city park and Bore Stankovica Street officially started almost three months ago, while exactly 7 days   have passed since the works on the section from the Post Office to the city park stopped again after the preparations for asphalting had been completed.

The works were interrupted several times for several days, while one of the causes was the breakdown of the machine for removing the old layer of asphalt.

The asphalting of the main road in Bujanovac, which is two kilometers long, started on October 1 last year.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body