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22. January 2010.

МЕDVEDJA – On  January  21, 2010, Minister Milan Markovic, President of the Coordination Body, paid a visit to Medvedja, as well as to students of the  departments of the Nis University’s Faculties of Law and Economics in Medvedja. On that occasion, Minister Milan Markovic delivered to the students textbooks in Albanian for the second semester of the school year. Minister Markovic talked with the students about their studies and the problems they had encountered during the first semester. Mr. Markovic anticipates that there would be around 500 students at the two faculty departments in four years’ time.

Nevena Petrusic, the Dean of the Nis Faculty of Economics, said that she was satisfied with how the departments operated and added that more assistance would be provided to development of faculty classes in Medvedja, and that more investments would be made in them.