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19. August 2011.

There is a problem with teachers of Serbian in South Serbia, where it takes months to fill a single position of a teacher of Serbian.

The Ministry of Education said that it was unaware of any problems with the teaching staff of the schools where children attend classes in the languages of ethnic minorities. The Ministry of Education added that the National Employment Office, which has the records about the total number of unemployed elementary and secondary school teachers of Serbian, could provide the best answer to this question. When it comes to elementary school teachers of Serbian, there are 63 of them registered at the National Employment Office, as well as 653 secondary school teachers of Serbian.  

“We currently have enough teachers, although they are from Vranje and not from Bujanovac. The problem isn’t caused by a lack of teachers, but by the fact that besides Serbian, they should, under a new law, also be able to speak the language of the region in which they teach. Our three teachers passed the exams and I don’t think there will be any problems”, said Iljmi Ibrahimi, Director of the “Sezai Suroi” grammar and secondary technical school in Bujanovac.