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17. June 2014.

Eight-graders in Serbia began taking a test in the Serbian (native) language yesterday. The testing will last for three days. According to the department of the Ministry of Education, the final exam will be taken by 2, 385 primary school students of the Pcinj district.  Persons belonging to national minorities, rather than a test in Serbian, will take a test in the Albanian, Romanian, Ruthenian, Slovak, Hungarian, Croatian or Bulgarian languages.

A math test is to be taken on Tuesday, while the newly introduced combined test, which includes  questions from five subjects, is to be taken on Wednesday. Each test has a set of 20 questions.

The exams will begin at 10 am on all three days and will last 120 minutes. The tests in math and the Serbian (native) language carry 16 points, while the combined test carries eight points.

Although students can’t fail the primary school leaving test, they need to have as many points as possible, since this increases the chance of their enrollment in the desired school.

At the mock test in May, students were the worst at the combined test, particularly when it comes to the questions regarding physics, chemistry and biology, while they were a bit better in history and geography.

The preliminary results will be announced on June 20 and the final ones on June 26. The submission of the completed wish-lists is reserved for June 27 and 28, the allocation of students to schools for July 6, while the first round of enrollment will take place on July 7 and 8.

The second round of enrollment will take place from July 7 to 10. In addition to the points in the final test, the success achieved in the 6th to the 8th grade, which carries a maximum 60 points, will also count for the secondary school enrollment.

The Ministry of Education previously announced that around 69,530 students in Serbia should take the final exam and that secondary schools in Serbia had the room for nearly 78,000 students.

Source: Tanjug News Agency, Jugmedia and Coordination Body