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24. December 2015.

Are you ready for your future?

The Student organization AIESEC invites you to take advantage of the opportunity to visit the presentation of practices abroad.

51% of young people in Serbia are unemployed. As many as 34% of young people in Serbia aren’t satisfied with the education they acquired at the university. Over 30% of students believe that they got prepared for the labor market thanks to the experience gained outside the university.

Do the above figures indicate how important it is not to miss the opportunities provided to you?

Take Your Chance – the presentation of practices abroad will be held at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade at 8 pm on Thursday, 24 December 2015. If you want to attend the event, please fill in the application form on

Global Talent is a program of professional practices that enables you to use theoretical knowledge acquired during your studies on the international market, while gaining relevant professional experience in an international environment that would later single you out on the labor market. During the Global Talent practice, you’ll have the opportunity to improve the knowledge of your foreign language, get tips on how to work abroad and experience living in a different environment and culture.  

The practices under this program are carried out in companies located abroad. You will be able to gain experience in the fields of marketing, public relations, education, IT etc. 

Speakers at the event include students who have recently returned from the Global Talent practices, representatives of the companies in Serbia and AIESEC members who provide support to students in the process of finding and implementing practices, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to find out everything you want to know about the Global Talent practices.

AIESEC is a global network of students that develops the leadership potential of young people and that has a positive influence on society. Because it is present in over 120 countries of the world, AIESEC is the largest organization run by students. By its programs, international practices and the organization of educational and socially responsible projects, AIESEC offers young people a unique opportunity for personal and professional development. For further information, visit i

Source: AIESEC and Coordination Body