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5. June 2019.

Signing up for international volunteer camps in Serbia started at the Volunteer Service of the Young Explorers of Serbia on Monday, June 3.

All the descriptions of camps in Serbia can be viewed on Information on the requirements for signing up and the manner of signing up is available on .

Why should you choose to spend 10 days to 2 weeks somewhere in Serbia? Here are some great reasons:   

- It is the best way to get to know your country – your hosts are locals, delighted that an international group of volunteers came to their place, so that you are invited to their homes for the celebration of their families’ patron’s day, as well as for fishing, tasting local specialties, and thus you become the honorary guest of small and impressive places throughout Serbia.

- All your expenses are covered, except for the travel expenses and a 2,000dinar participation fee!

- Male and female volunteers come from different countries, so that you do not need to travel outside your country to practice English and get to know your peers from abroad.

- Do something useful and interesting for the community, which you probably would not have the opportunity to do, such as building gangways across small rivers, organizing campaigns to draw attention to the problems of the community, or perhaps organizing  photo exhibitions on the theme of non-violence and understanding, working in protected areas, such as Obedska bara, Deliblatsko or Ludasko lake and Koviljsko-petrovaradinski rit, organizing rural games without frontiers and the like!

If you still want to take part in an international volunteer camp abroad this year, signing up is still underway!

All the descriptions of camps abroad in which there are vacancies can be viewed in the camp search engine on There are also video instructions for signing up, which are available on

For any additional information, please contact the Young Explorers of Serbia. Contact information is available on

Source: Youth Portal and Coordination Body