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9. July 2019.

The Swiss PRO Program issued a public call to support local self-governmental units in improving e-Government and providing electronic services for the pupose of increasing accountability, transparency and efficiency in providing better access to services and male and female citizens' rights.

The government of Switzerland will support up to 40 local self-governments with 350,000 euros, which will contribute to the e-Government at the local level serving not only male and female citizens, but also businesses.

Eligible to participate in the public call, which is open until August 19, 2019, are 96 cities and municipalities from the regions of southern and eastern Serbia, Sumadija and western Serbia. In their project proposals, they can compete for the procurement of IT equipment and licensed software, the value of which ranges from 7,000 to 9,000 euros, as well as indicate which type of technical support they need to improve the e-Government.

In line with the national framework, the Swiss PRO program will provide local self-governments with technical support tailored to their individual needs in order to, inter alia, develop or improve internal processes and procedures, improve the application of the electronic administrative procedure (e-ZUP), develop the existing or new e-Services and develop solutions for the Internet presentations of local self-governmental units.

“We are particularly encouraging local self-governments to include in their project proposals papers on the development and improvement of e-Services for members of national minorities, as well as on the introduction of auxiliary technologies that would increase the accessibility of these services to persons with disabilities. This is also an opportunity for local self-governments to enable the population to participate actively in the decision-making process in their communities through the establishment of e-Participation and e-Listening, "said Ana Nedeljković Belja, the National Manager of the Swiss PRO program.

In order to familiarize the interested local self-governments with the details of the public call - including the manner of application and participation, as well as with the criteria for the selection of projects, the Swiss PRO Program will organize info sessions in southern Serbia in:

  • Nis, on Wednesday, July 17, Sedmog jula 2, the Hall of the Nis City House, at 12.30 am, and
  • Bujanovac, on Thursday, July 18, Karadjordja Petrovica 115, the Hall of the Municipal Assembly of Bujanovac, at 12.30 am.

You can find more information on the call, the criteria for selecting beneficiaries, the method of and the documentation for applying on

Source: and Coordination Body