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14. November 2017.

Leskovac – The latest surveys show that more than half of secondary school students from the Jablanica District believe that the European Union (EU) is unfair to the Serbs, that small nations perish in it, and that Russia is actually our greatest friend although it is not on the list of 15 countries that assist Serbia the most, while the EU is, in that respect, in the first place. 

These are the results of the survey on the attitudes of secondary school students from the Jablanica district on the EU, which was, through the “EPUS” organization from Leskovac, and with the support of the “Rade Metalac” secondary technical school, conducted by the Ministry for European Integration of the Republic of Serbia. 

Euro-skepticism is so wide-spread among the young that most of them think that the Serbs are belittled in the EU, that we will only be used by becoming an EU member state, and that our freedoms would be reduced and our national identity destroyed. 

"On the other hand, the same young people said that they would be happy, upon completion of their school, to go to work in the European Union "because people live better there”, but they did not think that Serbia would be better off by being in the EU," Suzana Dimitrijevic from the “EPUS” organization, who conducted the survey, said.

The survey, which was conducted on the sample of 500 students from 18 secondary schools in Leskovac, Medvedja, Lebane, Bojnik and Vlasotince, was aimed at overcoming the prejudices among secondary school students that by Serbia’s entry into the EU, people in Serbia would lose their national and cultural identity.

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body