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11. September 2019.

Support for civic activism in the community is a UK-funded project aimed at supporting 30 citizen associations and informal groups from different Serbian districts to enhance their advocacy skills and active citizen involvement in addressing public interest issues in their local communities. 

This pilot project is being implemented from September 2019 to May 2020 and it consists of three key groups of activities: a) improving the skills and knowledge levels of citizens' associations and informal groups to actively encourage citizen engagement and articulate their interests; b) the implementation of local actions through a grant scheme; c) the final event in Belgrade, where the most successful initiatives will be presented.        

The project provided 20 grants up to a maximum of £ 3,500 and 10 grants up to £ 8,500 depending on the capacity of the organization, the type of activities proposed and the plan for the implementation of local actions.

The organizations and informal groups that may participate in the pilot phase of the project are to be from the following districts of the Republic of Serbia: Jablanica district, Pcinj district, Bor district, Kolubara district, Macva district, Mid-Banat district, Nis district, Pirot district, Raska district, South-Backa district, South-Banat district, Zajecar district and Zlatibor district.

The application deadline is October 6, 2019.  

The purpose of the pilot project is to identify innovative and successful approaches to support civic activism that would enable the further development and dissemination of programs throughout Serbia.

The project is being implemented by the British Council and the “Trag” Foundation, in cooperation with the UK Government Good Governance Fund.

Further information on the pilot project, as well as application instructions and supporting documentation, are available on

Source: British Council and Coordination Body