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19. February 2018.

Bujanovac – Galip Beciri, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Albanian National Council said that the new President of the Albanian National Council was Sukri Imeri, a member of the Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA). 

Mr. Imeri was elected to that position at the first session held following the death of the former President of the Albanian National Council Jonuz Musliu, who died in mid-January. Mr. Beciri said for the “Beta” news agency "that the Albanian National Council, at its most recent session, got a new ruling majority of 11 out of 15 members that the Albanian National Council had. The majority, now, consists of representatives of DPA, which is led by Ragmi Mustafa, and of the Party for Democratic Action, which is led by Riza Halimi.

“The Council got its new majority six to seven months before the next elections, but we think that we  will manage to achieve some results in that short period of time, especially those related to solving the issue of textbooks in the Albanian language and to providing information, since the Albanian National Council will have a new approach to solving problems,  which will include better cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the international community, " Mr. Beciri said.  

Also, at the aforementioned session of the Albanian National Council, Ardita Sinani was elected the Vice-President of that body, while Galip Beciri was elected the Chairman of the Executive Council of that body.  

Source: “Beta” news agency, Bujanovac News and Coordination Body