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3. December 2018.

Bujanovac – Contracts on grants, which are awarded by the Coordination Body for South Serbia, were handed over to entrepreneurs from Bujanovac, Presevo and Medvedja on Friday in Bujanovac.  

The Coordination Body for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja earmarked 40 million dinars for the purpose of subsidizing small and medium-sized enterprises in 2018. The total amount of funds that 7 entrepreneurs from the municipality of Bujanovac will get is 19.1 million dinars, 17.9 million dinars were put aside for 8 entrepreneurs from Presevo, while 3 million dinars will be granted to a company from Medvedja.

Zoran Stankovic, the President of the Coordination Body, said that the investment would, in the very beginning, provide jobs for more than 30 people.

“The Coordination Body awarded the subsidies for the sixth time with the aim of improving the quality of life for residents of the area. The funds for the coming year have been provided, too, "Mr. Stankovic said.

According to him, the Coordination Body was subjected to a pressure from the local self-governments to provide the subsidies that lacked last year.

We must use all the available opportunities to help the entrepreneurs. I expect new jobs, "Saip Kamberi, the Mayor of Bujanovac, said.  

Aleksandar Zdravkovic, a representative of the Bujanovac-based company "Tomi Plast", which employs 20 workers, expressed his thanks for a subsidy of 2.9 million dinars, noting that the funds would be used for purchasing the equipment.

"We are engaged in the repurchase of milk and in the manufacturing of cheese and hard cheese. Our products are sold all over Serbia, while the subsidy, which we received for the first time, will increase our production, "Mr. Zdravkovic said.

The "Mahogani" company from Veliki Trnovac, which manufactures PVC windows and doors,  will get 1.9 million dinars for the purchase of machinery.  

As Alban Arifi, a representative of the company, said for the Bujanovac News, such financial assistance meant a great deal and would provide employment for at least two new employees

41 companies applied for the subsidies. The smallest individual allocated amount is 1.15 million dinars, while the largest one is 3 million dinars. The payment of subsidies will be effected at the beginning of December. 

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body