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25. July 2014.

Thanks to the donation of the EU Progress program of 1.2 million euros,  the construction of a building in Bujanovac, that will be used by the Faculty of Economics from Subotica, is due to begin in September, said the Head of the municipal Office for the Local Economic Development, Fazila Azemovic.

Ms. Azemovic said that the Coordination Body of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja, along with the EU Progress, would fund the construction of the said building with 30 million dinars, while the building would be 2, 360 m2 large.

“The EU Progress has already announced a public procurement for which a public call will last until July 31, after which we expect the entering into a contract with the selected contractor by the end of August and the beginning of the construction of the facility in the course of September”, said Ms. Azemovic.

She said that the lease of the building wouldn’t be charged.

"In April, the municipality of Bujanovac, the Faculty of Economics (Subotica), the Coordination Body, the Ministry of Education and the OSCE signed  the agreement on the construction and sustainable use of the facility for higher education, while  the  municipality of Bujanovac  and the Faculty of Economics signed the agreement on the lease of the premises without compensation”, Ms. Azemovic said.

Ms. Azemovic stated that the municipality of Bujanovac had set a condition to Faculty of Economics from Subotica, by which it should, each academic year after it had moved into the new building, get accredited for a new field of learning, since the Faculty of Economics’ Department in Bujanovac, which was opened back in 2011, had currently only a division for “Marketing”. The Faculty of Economics’ Department in Bujanovac, which now has students from the first to the third year,  organizes lectures in two buildings, in the Cultural Center and in rented space in the city center, for which the rent is paid by the municipality and the OSCE. The new building for higher education, which will, under the contract, be used by the Subotica Faculty’s Department, will be constructed on the currently unoccupied municipal land located opposite the Health Center in Bujanovac.

Source“Danas” daily and Coordination Body