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20. November 2020.

Bujanovac - By order of the Municipal Staff for Emergency Situations, PE "Komunalac" is stepping up its work on cleanliness in the city, and the first step is the washing of the streets, which began yesterday.

“The main street and other most frequently used streets, such as Kralja Milutina and Stepe Stepanovica Streets, will be washed. The plan is that when we are done with the city, we will start washing the streets in the villages, provided the weather conditions permit it, "said the head of the utility company, Rushdi Halili.

As part of the measures for preventing the spread of the corona virus, the Staff ordered the PE "Komunalac" to take all the prescribed measures at the entrance to the livestock market and to provide disinfectants for both buyers and sellers.

Mr. Halili said that the measure on the organization of the work of public companies with 50 percent of the capacity would not be applied to the field workers of the PE "Komunalac".

"Our field services will be working at full capacity, especially the service responsible for the city cleanliness.  This means that all workers of these services will be engaged every day, so that we could do all the tasks regarding the fight against the spread of the virus, as well as the ongoing ones," Mr. Halili pointed out.

The streets of Bujanovac were last washed on October 28.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body