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29. February 2012.

Medvedja – The priority of the municipality of Medvedja was to provide social care to its most vulnerable residents, so that the municipal authorities distributed 2 cubic meters of firewood to each vulnerable person in 50 households.

In January 2012, the Center for Social Work distributed one-off financial assistance to hundreds of families and individuals with no income.

Also, four containers were provided for the accommodation of families that hadn’t had roofs over their heads.

The municipal services in Medvedja prepared documentation for a few important programs and projects that should improve the life of residents of this small and poor municipality. Technical and project documentation for resolving the issue of street lighting in Medvedja and Sijarinska Spa was prepared. The project of regulating the sources of drinking water and water-supply in Sijarinska Spa was drawn up, too. In addition, the tourist organization of Medvedja planned to invest in the construction of new facilities, improvement of services and in printing of leaflets, with the aim of increasing the number of tourists. Infrastructural projects will be most important ones for development of Medvedja, so that the funds for building roads in almost all villages in the municipality and for constructing water-supply in the local community of Rujkovac were provided.

The municipality of Medvedja and the Coordination Body of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja are going to earmark the funds for building extension of the Faculty of Law and Economics in Medvedja.   

An agreement on expropriation of land for the construction of a prison was reached with the Serbian government and the responsible ministry.

The construction will be conducted in 2012 and 2013, and around 150 residents of Medvedja should get employed there.   

Also planned is an increase in the output of the “Lece” mine to 270,000 tons of ore, as well as 40 new jobs.   

The negotiations about launching production at the “Niteks” plant in Medvedja are in progress and around 150 female residents of Medvedja should get jobs in the plant’s department for manufacturing light clothing. The plant should begin operating in the course of 2012.   

The Coordination Body helped Medvedja find a partner for the opening of a briquette and pallets plant in Medvedja. The agreement on the opening of the plant was signed by the municipality of Medvedja and the “First Property” company.   

By constructing solar panels on the facilities of the former “Termovent” plant, on the sports hall and on 100 acres of the municipal land, renewable sources of energy will provide the necessary electric power for the needs of the residents of the municipality of Medvedja. Around 400,000 EUR were invested in refurbishment and the fitting-out of the plant, while the plant is expected to begin operating in a few months. Around 50 persons should get employment there.