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22. October 2018.

Bujanovac – On the occasion of October 17, which is the International Day of the Fight Against Poverty, the Bujanovac Association of Teachers (BUDU) undertook the activity called "A Parcel for a Poor Friend." The children, together with their male and female teachers, collected clothes and school supplies, while the Bujanovac Red Cross Office would deliver them to the children who need help the most.

During a visit to the Bujanovac Red Cross Office, which was part of the Children's Week, the students expressed a desire to help their friends and, assisted by the teaching personnel, collected clothes and school supplies for their peers who are in a worse social and financial position than them,” the BUDU said.

By this activity, the teachers said, the children fostered a sense of humanity and solidarity among them.

Apart from this activity, the BUDU, along with the Green Managers, launched the activity "For a More Beautiful City, for Carefree and Happy Childhood." 

"We started with fixing up the school in Rakovac, while the activities that we expect to be well-received by the wider community will follow. We will fight for a cleaner city with no stray dogs, because we want to help the city breathe easier and the citizens to move safely,“ the BUDA said.  

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body