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20. May 2019.

The Wikimedia Serbia invites you to the fourth Edu Wiki camp!  The camp will be held in Kladovo from July 15 to 18, 2019. The camp gathers volunteers who want to actively contribute to the development of the educational programs of the Wikimedia Serbia. During the four-day program, participants will go through a series of trainings to see how Wikipedia can be used as a teaching tool.  By working together and using a team spirit, they will improve their skills for future work in the organization.

Wikipedia, the largest collaborative project in the world, is being implemented in around 300 languages.

Over the past 13 years, the Wikimedia Serbia has been developing an Educational Program with the aim of introducing university students and primary and secondary school students to Wikipedia and other Wiki free knowledge projects and actively working on enriching them.  Other goals are: technical training for students to use Wikipedia, disseminating information on free knowledge and presenting Wikipedia in academic circles.  In addition to educational projects, Wikimedia Serbia implemented two international camps with the Wikimedia and Wikipedia fans from Hungary and Bulgaria.

The Edu Wiki program will be diverse and will include photo tours, editorial marathons, team building and many other activities.

All those who are interested can apply by filling in the application form, which is available on, until June 16, 2019. The costs of transport, accommodation and food will be covered for the selected persons.

Location of the camp: The Djerdap Hotel, Kladovo.

In the camp you will learn:

• How to edit Wikipedia yourself

• How to illustrate articles on Wikipedia

• How to increase the number of free photos of natural and cultural goods on Wikimedia legend

• What user rights exist in Wikipedia

• What is the role of Wikimedia Serbia in disseminating free knowledge and how can you get involved

• All about Wiki ambassadors and how you can join them

• Which tools can be used when implementing an educational program  

The events of Wikimedia Serbia are open to all volunteers, but since the camp is dedicated to the participants intending to join the educational program team, priority will be given to students of the final year of secondary schools and university students.  

The events of Wikimedia Serbia are organized in the spirit of good communication, cooperation and creativity.  In this sense, the good intention of all participants is assumed, by which a friendly atmosphere is created.  All participants of the campsite are obliged to respect the Policy of the friendly atmosphere of  Wikimedia  SerbiaПолитика_пријатељског_простора

For any questions, please send an e-mail to or dial 060/7454771.

Source: Wikimedia Serbia and Coordination Body