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20. September 2011.

Bujanovac – Due to a long drought, water springs in seven villages, which are situated in the municipality of Bujanovac, dried up. The villagers are supplied with water from a water tank, which the Public Enterprise of “Komunalac” brings over by a lorry at request, said yesterday Slavoljub Tasic, Head of the Mechanization Department within the PE of “Komunalac”.  

Mr. Tasic said that the PE of “Komunalac” had only one tank with drinking water at its disposal, which was driven over to the villages over seventy times over the past two months.  

“The water tank is continuously driven to various villages, since the situation is critical in the villages situated along the Serbian-Macedonian border, in the villages of the Jablanica district, in the village of Gornji Starac, which have been without water since the beginning of summer, as well as in the villages of Spancevac, Klinovac and Borovac, while a part of the village of Veliki Trnovac has lately been without water”, Mr. Tasic said. According to him, there has been 50 per cent more calls by the villages for bringing over the water tank than the calls received in the previous years.

Tough restrictions in water supply were introduced in the villages of Sveta Petka, Klenike, Dreznica and Trejak, so that the villagers can use water from the water supply system only at night.