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29. July 2020.

Bujanovac – Since they left the constitutive session of the Municipal Assembly of Bujanovac last Wednesday, the councilors of the Serbian parties did not appear at yesterday's session of the local parliament, either, which was held at the Cultural Center for epidemiological reasons.

Nenad Mitrovic, the Head of the political group gathered around the SPP (Serbian Progressive Party), says that it will be like that until the Mayor Nagip Arifi invites the Serbian side to talks:

“The Albanians have a majority of 25 councilors and it is up to them to invite us to the talks, as promised by the Mayor. Until that happens, we will not participate in the operation of the local parliament, "Mr. Mitrovic said.

When asked if he really expected to be invited, Mr. Mitrovic answered negatively:

"Based on the experience with Nagip, who violated the agreement on the establishment of the government that we had made, I do not believe that the invitation is sincere, since all his statements about the door being open to Serbs are for daily political purposes," Mr. Mitrovic said.

He adds that, regardless of everything, he will accept the invitation to the  talks if it happens, but he could not speak about the conditions under which his list of 10 councilors would become part of the government.

Last Wednesday, 4 Albanian parties with 25 councilors formed the ruling majority in Bujanovac, and they have already divided the positions.

Yesterday's session was not attended by 3 councilors from the list around the SPS (Socialist Party of Serbia), either.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body