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27. January 2014.

Belgrade-Presevo – The Serbian Ministry of Interior stated that in Presevo, at 7.40 am on Sunday, a Norwegian citizen T. S. K (1975) attacked a member of the Gendarmerie, who was on duty, and on that occasion he struck several blows with a brick on the head of the Gendarmerie’s officer, and then took the gun away from him. 

“At that moment, a minibus with members of the Border Police, who were returning from their  regular shift, emerged. T.S. K. fired several shots towards the minibus, and then started running, randomly shooting. He reached the house where he lived, and when members of the Gendarmerie and Border Police arrived, he opened fire on them. 

T. S. K. got killed in a shootout with the police.  

The Gendarmerie’s officer sustained injuries and was, therefore, transported to the hospital in Vranje.

The investigation was conducted by Deputy Senior Public Prosecutor in Vranje and members of the Police Department in Vranje, while the scene of the shooting was attended by the Commander of the Gendarmerie Milenko Bozovic," it was said in a statement issued by the Serbian Ministry of Interior.  

Source: Jugpress and Coordination Body