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September 1, 2010

1. September 2010.


Bujanovac – Yesterday, members of the Serbian Army visited Muhovac, an Albanian village situated in the municipality of Bujanovac and in the ground security zone, where they provided medical assistance to those who needed it. This is the second visit of members of the Fourth Brigade of the Vranje Garrison to the village of Muhovac and it is part of the plan of the Serbian Army to better connect with the local population, so that tensions in the ground security zone could be relieved.  

The village is situated some 20 or so kilometers away from Vranje and a bit less than that from Bujanovac. It is located in an inaccessible and mountainous region and there is no road in it. Inhabitants of the village appreciated a great deal the chance to be medically examined by an army doctor, since for majority of them this is the only way to receive medical treatment. 

The idea of the Commander of the Fourth Brigade Colonel Milosav Simovic and Lieutenant Colonel Igor Avdic, as well as of Igor Scepanovic from the  Civil-Military Cooperation Office, whereby medical teams should occasionally visit remote villages in the ground security zone and provide medical assistance and medicines to the villagers, was supported by the Municipal Presidents of Presevo and Bujanovac. 

An army doctor examined some 30 or so patients yesterday, mostly those suffering from chronic diseases.  

Sabedini Sabus, a retired teacher, thought that it was a good thing that army doctors came from time to time to medically examine them and bring them medicines.