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19. August 2011.

Yesterday, 53 young leaders from Serbia, the USA, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia gathered together in Belgrade for a three-day seminar, which was organized as part of the US Program for Young Leaders from Central Europe, said the Youth Initiative for Human Rights. The seminar for scholarship holders will be held at the Belgrade-based  Art Centre„Gvarnerius“, where the young leaders will attend lectures on the leadership activities, where they will take part in workshops on organization of campaigns, team work, the running of projects and on the planning of local activities. In addition to working together, they will have an opportunity to socialize among themselves and to do some sight-seeing in Belgrade. They will also visit the Serbian parliament and will attend a reception given by the US embassy in Belgrade.  

The Program for Young Leaders from the Central Europe lasts four weeks and it includes a visit of young and talented persons from the central European region to the USA, where they will learn about leadership and the American culture and history. The program also envisages a visit of young Americans to the Central European countries. The program is aimed at promoting mutual understanding and respect among secondary school and adult leaders and at helping them acquire the skills that civil leaders need to have. Thanks to the program, 10 secondary school students from Presevo, Loznica, Sabac and Valjevo visited the States, which was followed by a two-day visit of 16 young persons from the States to Serbia.  

The seminar for young leaders will be officially completed at Ada Ciganlija in the evening of August 20, 2011. The seminar for young leaders in Serbia is run by the “Meridian International Center” and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights.