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27. November 2014.

As part of the project “Support to Improving the Living Conditions of Forced Migrants and  Closing Down of Collective Centers’ (IPA 12),  a preliminary list of 10 beneficiaries that will get prefabricated houses was adopted  at the third session of the Commission for the Selection of Beneficiaries of Prefabricated Houses in Bujanovac.   

The beneficiaries will become the owners of prefabricated houses, while the size of the houses will conform to the standards prescribed by the Law on Refugees.

The prefabricated facilities will be built on the plots owned by beneficiary families.  Out of 10 houses, eight will be located in Bujanovac, while one family will continue living in Smederevo,  and one in Nis.

The beneficiary families vary in size - from two-member to six-member households.  

It is possible to lodge complaints against the preliminary list of beneficiaries, after consideration of which the final list of beneficiaries will be adopted at the session planned for the end of November.

The project is implemented by the Housing Center, in partnership with the IDC organization and in cooperation with the municipality of Bujanovac and the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia. The project is funded by the EU IPA Program.  

Source: Hausing Center and Coordination Body