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15. July 2011.

Minister Milan Markovic, the President of the Coordination Body, Miroslav Veskovic, the President of Novi Sad University and Andor Deli, the Provincial Secretary for Education, received and greeted in Novi Sad eleven students from Presevo and Bujanovac, who are going to study there.
By providing scholarships to the young from South Serbia’s multiethnic municipalities, another step has been made towards implementing the program of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for further integration of these students in the country’s social life.

Five students with the Albanian and six with the Serbian ethnic background obtained   students’ booklets from the University in Novi Sad.

“They are the future leaders of South Serbia. Those are the children that will become a sort of bridge connecting the people with various ethnic backgrounds that live in the municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja”, Minister Markovic pointed out. He also said that Novi Sad University and Vojvodina’s Government fully understood the implementation of the Serbian government’s programs for integrating the said municipalities in a wider social framework.

The project of providing scholarships to the young from South Serbia was conceived for the purpose of overcoming numerous obstacles in the field of education. Minister Markovic reminded everyone that departments of Nis University’s Faculties of Economics and Law had been opened in Medvedja in 2009, and added that a department of the Faculty of Economics would be opened in Bujanovac this year.
“We didn’t select Novi Sad, Vojvodina and Novi Sad University by chance, since we kept in mind the so-called “Vojvodina’s model”, which isn’t only affirmed in our country, but is also a part of the European experience. We hope that at least a portion of everything that they  experience, see and learn here will be transferred to the environment from which they come, thereby bringing it closer  to a better quality of living, which is our goal. At the same time, we are confident that it will be a lot easier for them to find work and that they would improve their Serbian”, Minister Markovic pointed out.

“Although this isn’t the only project aimed at a better future of this part of the country, since we have, so far, implemented around one hundred of them, while almost one thousand schoolchildren participated in them, it is surely one of the most important ones, because not only the future of our freshmen depends on it, but also the future of their environment, which is burdened by the issues inherited from the past. We are sure that Novi Sad and Vojvodina are the right place, where our students would realize the benefits of living together and of inter-ethnic confidence. That’s why I believe that these children are going to be a necessary link for stepping into a better future and a better quality of living of all residents of the three municipalities”, Minister Markovic said.
Miroslav Veskovic, the President of Novi Sad University, congratulated the young from South Serbia on having chosen a proper place for studying.

“You have chosen a good university and good faculties, which will open a window into the world to you, so that you’ll realize how good your decision was. In front of you are students’ booklets, which will provide to you not only top - quality lectures and knowledge, but also an opportunity to study and experience the atmosphere of openness and friendship, which doesn’t end on the edges of your campus, in which everybody is part of a large family, but which is a common trait of everyone in Novi Sad and Vojvodina”, the President said.

“It gives us great pleasure to support all the projects affirming multi-culturalism and multi-ethnicity and I, therefore, thank the Coordination Body for having chosen Novi Sad University and for having made it possible for the children, our new students, to directly get impressions of the ways of living here and of our respect for the values, which we are all proud of”, said Andor deli, the Provincial Secretary for Education.

As a token of a generous support given to this project, Minister Milan Markovic presented letters of thanks to Miroslav Veskovic, the President of Novi Sad University, Andor Deli, the Provincial Secretary for Education and to Zoltan Jeges, the Deputy Provincial Secretary for Education. A letter of thanks was also given to Bojan Pajtic, the Premier of the Government of the AP (Autonomous Province) of Vojvodina.