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30. January 2017.

Medvedja – Saint Sava, which is the School Patron Saint’s Day, was marked in the schools in the municipality of Medvedja, where it was a working, yet non-teaching day.

The Saint Sava Day, which is a day of spirituality and the School Patron Saint’s Day, celebrated in honor of the first Serbian archbishop, educator and founder of legislation, was marked by organizing a festive Saint Sava event and by cutting the Patron Saint’s cake at the “Gornja Jablanica” elementary school at 11 am, and at the "Nikola Tesla" secondary school at 12 am.  

Students in rural schools in the municipality of Medvedja, along with their teachers, prepared  festive events, too. The Saint Sava Day was marked at the "Partizanski dom" elementary school in Gornji Bucumet by the performance of a play on Saint Sava. Upon the event, the students received gifts from Zoran Bogdanovic, the host of the Saint Sava Patron Saint’s event.

On the occasion of the School Patron’s Saint Day, Nebojsa Arsic, the Mayor of Medvedja, visited the schools in Medvedja and Sijarinska Spa, and said:  

“Medvedja is a specific environment when it comes to both living and working in it. It is challenging and difficult to work in educational institutions in the area, but it is a great honor, too. The teachers fight for every single child and teach children primarily to be good people. "

The Mayor announced the opening of new departments in the secondary school in Medvedja, so that students could have more choices when enrolling in it and selecting their subsequent occupations.

Source: Info Centre South and Coordination Body