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18. February 2013.

Medvedja – The municipality of Medvedja is part of the safer cities project, which is implemented by the United Nations PBILD program.  Thanks to this program, a technical secondary school in Medvedja is, today, one of the safest schools in the Jablanica district,  because it has got video surveillance, which will greatly facilitate the local self-government’s efforts to raise the general security to a higher level.

As of this year, visitors to the "Nikola Tesla" technical school in Medvedja are welcomed by a video camera at the school entrance. Apart from the entrance to the school-yard, everything is covered by video surveillance. Video recordings are checked at the school principal's office.  

In relation to the subject, Goran Stevanovic, the Principal of the "Nikola Tesla" technical school, said:

“The educational work at the facility has surely been raised to a higher level, because we can easily control and monitor the teaching process. Video cameras are a way of preventing bullying among secondary school students  and of protecting the school's property. 320 students of the Serbian and Albanian ethnic backgrounds feel safer now.” 

A school policeman is around the school, too. In order for the school to be really safe, a peer educator deals with the topics of healthy living, including those related to drugs.  

On that occasion, Slobodan Draskovic, the mayor of Medvedja, said:  

“I have to tell you that we are one of the safest municipalities not only in South Serbia, but also in the whole country. There are no ethnic incidents here. The residents of all ethnic backgrounds are safe. They are tolerant of one another and they respect and appreciate one another.”

The municipality of Medvedja is a multiethnic environment. Here, Serbs, Albanians and Roma have been studying together, as well as living and working side by side for centuries. That is why the issue of security and prevention of violence and conflicts is extremely important to them.

Source: RTS – Channel 1