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23. July 2018.

Presevo – The Railway Infrastructure of Serbia will, in the coming period, provide semi-barriers and traffic- lights on six railway crossings in Serbia in order to improve the road safety on those spots.

Thus, semi-barriers and traffic lights will be placed, in the coming period, on the crossing in the village of Rajince, which is located on the main Nis - Presevo ​​railway line, as well as between the railway stations in Leskovac and Djordjevo. 

The Railway Infrastructure of Serbia will set aside over 90 million dinars for the job, while priorities were determined on the basis of the requests of local self-governments due to the increased volume of road traffic.

The works will be carried out continuously, while it is expected that the first activity for fixing up the crossings will be taken as early as next month.

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body