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2. June 2020.

The Directorate for Agrarian Payments of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management has published the Rulebook on IPARD incentives for the diversification of farms and business development.

The Rulebook specifies the basic requirements for beneficiaries, the conditions for applying for IPARD funds, the amount of IPARD incentives, as well as the procedures and the necessary documentation for the implementation of Measure 7 - Diversification of Farms and Business Development.

The amount of donations from the value of total investments:

– Amounts up to 65% of the value of the investment (total eligible costs);

- Minimum and maximum refund amount:

 - The minimum refund amount is 5,000 euros;

 - The maximum refund is 300,000 euros;

The investments relate to investments in the construction and/or reconstruction and/or equipping of facilities for the provision of tourist and catering services, such as rooms, restaurants and other facilities; recreational facilities, gaming, tourist camps, improvement of outdoor facilities for horseback riding, inland fishing, cycling, themed tracks; landscape works and access roads; marketing costs, such as the printing of promotional materials and creating and maintaining the website. In addition, the measures are related to the purchase of devices, machinery and equipment, with the exception of small catering inventory, as well as the production of energy from renewable energy sources for the purpose of undertaking the registered catering or tourism activities.

As part of the plan for launching the IPARD call for 2020 – the issuing of a public call for Measure 7 has been announced in the period until June 15, 2020. The available amount of donations for the said call is 1,097,277,145 dinars or around 9,338,528 euros.

The Rulebook is available on

Source: and Coordination Body